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Our antique rug collection is one of the largest in the world. It is also one of the more comprehensive antique rug inventories you will find anywhere (online or off). Above we included just four of the most current in-demand antique carpet categories for your review.

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The Team At Iranian art gallery - shahin serjoee

shahin serjoee

Showroom Manager

pouya pakdelian

General Manager

"Jason Nazmiyal has assembled an incredible collection of the world's best rugs. His prices are modest, his selection is incredible and the prices cannot be beat".

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Best Rugs by Iranian art - serjoee Collction:

Why we,re ....... Established in 1990, The Serjoee collection has acquired the largest collection of best Esfahan silk and wool carpets and vintage rugs in the wirld. In the rug realm,The Serjoee Collection is well known ....

.... or may have not heard Irani an Art - Serjoee silk fine Esfahan rugs.

...First, by trade standards, Serjoee gallery offers the largest....

Hand made carpets , with the best quality in fine weaving , natural colours,silk and wool materials, unique design , best patterns of well-known professors in Esfahan like Archang and Rostamshirazi , we are sure to have the best rug options for what you are looking for. Shahin Serjoee, the found of Iranian Art Rugs is a great lover and collector of Esfahan textile art. The passion ....allowed Serjoee to adapt the way she products rug and align her acquisition ... Since Iranian Art-serjoee ,s rug inventory is constantly ....

Known for our exquisite taste in carpets, we also have bought rugs dating from19th century Textiles to Mid century old and antique Persian Carpets, furthermore our modern products in Esfahan.

Lastly, Serjoee guarentees the best....from our collection of antique or modern carpets.