May 12, 2019

How to Classify Rugs with Regard to Age, Merit, and Value?

To demonstrate the differences of rugs due to variations of age and quality, we must carry out the detailed and comparative analysis.Considerations of pattern, coloring, material, and workmanship, all these we have as standards of comparison, and it is from a study of these, together with certain general considerations, that we form our ultimate opinions with regard to age, merit, and value.
May 8, 2019

How to Care and Maintain Your New Carpet?

How to Care and Maintain Your New Carpet? Importance of Carpet Maintenance in the oriental carpet, the rows of weft and warp form the structure, while the pile gives it extreme resistance. In order for the rug to have a long life, it is important that it be kept clean; gravel and sand wear down the carpet and consumption is most often noted firstly at the level of fringes and edges. It should also not be forgotten that, although a […]
March 5, 2019


ESFAHAN rugs – persian rugs In Iran, handmade carpet is not only an art that depicts the history of our country, but also a passion for passion, mysticism and beauty in the realm of life. But the hand-made carpet that Isfahan carpet is unique kingdom ,is another story.  Isfahan Rug is educated and has elegance, beauty and memorization of the magnificent carpets of Safavid era. The designs of these carpets are painted by artists such as Kamal al-Din Behzad, which becomes […]