oriental rugs

April 15, 2019
Iranian carpet

Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs Oriental rugs or Eastern carpets are common names for carpets weaving in different parts of the East. Oriental carpet weaving areas include countries like China, Tibet, Turkey, Iran, Caucasus, Pakistan and India, and etc. People Intervening in eastern carpet weaving  with diffrent cultures, races, religions and various countries. Maybe, according to some of these countries that are among the Islamic countries, the term,Islamic rugs or carpets be used for them too. But the important thing is that you […]
January 17, 2019
فرش دست بافت

Persian rugs and the most expensive carpets in the world

Oriental rugs and magic carpet that are the most expensive carpets in the world In this article, we plan to introduce the most expensive carpets in the world. If you want to find out about the most expensive carpets in the world, please come along with this article. Those who are interested in the profession and the carpet industry or who work professionally in this field are usually looking for information about the carpet industry. Awareness of the most expensive […]