persian carpets

April 17, 2019

Persian carpets

  Persian carpets Carpet weaving is one of the oldest Iranian art that many people do it in different cities, an art that shows the Iranian culture and designs with great beauty.  Persian carpets are the most quality and most popular carpets in the world and every royal persons try to put  Persian carpets in their palaces, from past still now.   The history of the Persian carpet texture: The oldest Iranian handmade carpet was discovered in 1949 in the […]
April 14, 2019

How to Buy an Oriental Carpet?

How to Buy an Oriental Carpet? The term “carpet” refers to any piece which exceeds six or seven feet in width and of greater length. It may be said that a rug, stop to be a rug at an uncertain size and larger rugs becomes a carpet. But here carpets in the larger dimensions, ten by twelve feet or more, as usually understood, are only considered. first and always, we must answer to certain measure requirements. The buyer is wont […]