persian rug

May 12, 2019

How to Classify Rugs with Regard to Age, Merit, and Value?

To demonstrate the differences of rugs due to variations of age and quality, we must carry out the detailed and comparative analysis.Considerations of pattern, coloring, material, and workmanship, all these we have as standards of comparison, and it is from a study of these, together with certain general considerations, that we form our ultimate opinions with regard to age, merit, and value.
May 7, 2019
oriental rug

Guide to Buy an Oriental Rug?

Guide to Buy an Oriental Rug? Choosing the right rug for an environment can sometimes be difficult. Here are some useful tips to help you purchase a precious and unique oriental rug. One of the golden rules is to choose types and colors in carpets that really impressed you emotionally. The item bought will be with you for a long time and will give your home a great deal. We therefore advise against buying a specimen only on the basis […]